The Ambassador of Hope Award

The Christopher D. Smithers Foundation’s “Ambassador of Hope Award” was created in the framework of the traditional Prize awarded by the International Council of Film and Television at UNCESCO (IFTC-UNESCO). This Award is given by the Smithers Foundation to raise awareness about the issues related to alcohol abuse.Aware that alcoholism, as indicated by the World Health Organization, constitutes one of the major health related issues at the global level and a growing problem at an alarming rate mainly among young people, the Italian Committee of the IFTC-UNESCO, OCCAM and the Smithers Foundation launched, on the occasion of the Venice Film Festival, an Award given to a movie shown at the Festival that best represents this issue.In 2008 the Jury, composed of Stella Belessi, Jasmina Bojic, Vittorio Giacci, Peirpaolo Saporito and Adele Smithers, gave the first Ambassador of Hope Award to the movie:



Written and directed by Sylvie Verheyde


The official Award presentation was held on March 12, 2009 at the Walter Reade Theater (Lincoln Center) in New York City.

With the following motivation: for bringing public awareness on the fact that alcoholism is a respectable, treatable disease and for advancing the global message of hope and recovery. The history of Stella, notwithstanding the fascination for alcohol that a certain environment produces on younger generations can, through friendship and education, be overcome to grow up and fully discover the beauties of life.

At the 65th Venice Film Festival in 2009 the Jury, composed of Pierpaolo Saporito, Gabriel Griffin Hall, Jasmina Bojic, Lola Poggi Goujon, Stella Belessi and Adele Smithers decided to give the Ambassador of Hope Award to the movie:



Starring Nicolas Cage
Produced by Edward R. Pressman
Written by William Finkelstein


The Award presentation was held at the National Arts Club on March 19, 2010.

With the following motivation: a powerful narration that demonstrates that the possibility of recovery from cocaine, heroin and alcohol abuse exists with thanks to the support and guidance of the family and community.

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